Export Marketing and Development Grant (EMDG)

With changes taking effect for claims lodged in the 2021-2022 years and beyond, it is imperative to contact us today as there are new deadlines and guidelines to consider.

Your business could be on track to receive up to $150,000 back for your promotional expenses to reach potential buyers of your products or users of your service outside Australia, New Zealand, and North Korea.

To find out more please contact Melrose International on mm@melroseinternational.com.au

Melrose International has been having unprecedented success with claiming back the Export Marketing and Development Grant for their clients in the service and product industry which include but is not limited to:

Australian Tourism


Animal products

Food and Beverage Products


Consulting Services


Medical and Research

Intellectual Property

Music and The Arts

Our Export Team is headed by a member of the National Committee for Export Consultants Association Inc. (ECAI) and who is also an Austrade accredited EMDG consultant. Our combined experience is over 40 years which means our clients are in the best hands.

We will structure your claim and assist in identifying all eligible expenses you are entitled to, and our experience will assist in cutting through the complexities of the grant application saving you valuable time in accessing your rebate.

With a strong knowledge of the EMDG Act not only do we provide expert advice we also provide representation for our clients if/when Austrade audit your claim.

For more details on eligible categories and for information on the new guidelines please contact Melrose International on mm@melroseinternational.com.au.