Grant Strategy

Our aim is to support you to develop a strong and successful approach to the grant landscape

Melrose International provide professional advice and support to develop an approach that ensures a relevant and strategic direction is applied to your grant funding.

While there are no guaranteed outcomes of success with a competitive grant application, we do understand the mechanics of government and the complexity of its ever-changing landscape. The process of applying for grants places a business into a relationship with government that can be built upon and leveraged to the wider benefit of the business.

By engagement with government agencies via grant applications, a business can gain insight into future trends and market intelligence which affords a cutting edge for your business’ future.
Melrose International can best place your business at the forefront by developing a Grant Strategy. This is a planned approach undertaken by us to uncover and explore opportunities and assist you to create a roadmap for success by an:

  • Initial meeting to gain an understanding and insight into your business
  • Exploration of grant opportunities via our Grant Profile
  • Evaluation of the grants uncovered
  • High-level strategic advice
  • Grant priority list

Discussions to gain an understanding and insight into your business – at this meeting we will unpack your organisation, business planning, your business priorities, your business direction, and business opportunities. We will seek to understand where your business has grown from, where it stands today and where you would like it to be in the future.

Exploration of Grant Opportunities – This is the development of the Grant Profile. We take the information from the meeting and develop a list of grant and program opportunities.

Evaluation of Grants – From information created for the Grant Profile we meet again to unpack and understand the opportunities presented, the rationale behind these suggestions and answer any questions.

Hight Level Strategic Advice – We provide high-level strategic advice based on your Grant Profile, our knowledge of the grant environment and the government opportunities for your business.

Priority Grant List – Finally we work with you to identify the top grants you wish to apply for.

Melrose International offers additional services to follow on from your Grant Strategy should you choose to make the most of the strategy and begin grant applications. You may wish to consider our Grant Writing services or Government Engagement.

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