Government Engagement Strategy

When an organisation requires a large capital injection to their business for a project or program, often an alternative to grant funding is to undertake a Government Engagement Strategy.

To maximizing success in any strategy is to engage correctly, ensuring key people of influence and decision makers are fully aware of our client’s organisation and understand what it seeks to achieve. A shared immediate and future vision across all levels of government is paramount in order to provide a more diverse range of support and opportunities. A sound starting point is to build and prioritize local understanding and awareness of the business to boost its profile with State and Federal Government.

It is also important to be cognizant that there may be ongoing operational discussions that need to continue during any political engagement and our expertise will assist the delicacies of managing this effectively. We can maximize success by implementing a holistic engagement program that ensures your message is delivered coherently.

We will implement a review of what may or may not have been achieved to date to develop an initial strategy and approach that will activate engagement with the key decision makers.

Action taken for a Government Engagement Strategy includes but is not limited to:

Government Relations and Lobbying

  • Provide unparalleled expertise in Local, State and Federal government lobbying
  • Identify and mapping reach and approach to decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Understanding and utilizing Government’s decision-making processes
  • Leveraging policy processes to support your aims and ultimate outcomes
  • Working directly with politicians and the bureaucracy
  • Building and effectively arguing your case with government

Management Consulting and Strategic Advice

  • Guide you to manage risks effectively and develop any opportunities presented by Local, State and Federal Government
  • Understanding how government risks and opportunities can inform your strategy
  • Improving your internal government relations structures
  • Coaching your board and senior executives on government relations and lobbying

Campaigns and Strategic Communications

  • Develop campaigns and strategic communications to ensure your message is heard and articulated with correct language and optimal delivery
  • Managing effective communications in a possible conflicted environment
  • Understanding and managing valuable communications with the media


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