Grant Writing

Our aim is to support you develop a strong and successful approach to the grant landscape

The skilled team of Grant Writers at Melrose International have extensive experience in the intricacies of not only grant applications, but the first stage of many applications, being the Expression of Interest. The EOI is often the most important stage of the grant journey as this document determines if you are in fact invited to the next stage of application for certain grants and programs.

We work with a vast assortment of business industry across mixed business activity and are very proud with our track record in both the Not for Profit and For-Profit space. It is extremely rewarding in assisting Australian business maintain a stable source of working capital and opportunities via the grant space.

Effective written communication is integral to grant writing along with time management in meeting tight and critical deadlines and our team proudly possess:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Top-shelf research skills
  • Ability to understand the needs of both the business in need of funding and the organization that is offering the grant funding
  • Great organizational skills
  • Being able to understand and execute complex instructions

Our Grant Writers are excellent researchers and astute writers. We will work with you to craft concise and compelling writing with a targeted approach to provide the best possible outcomes.

Engaging professional writers is a sensible approach as it is a step removed from the passion that exudes from you for the project versus the correct narrative and tone your story needs to be delivered in for the application.

Our Grant Writing service may also be engaged to simply edit or review your internal applications. Some organizations have wonderful internal resources and staff who are more than capable of submitting a grant application. If, however, you would like an external professional eye to look over your application and discuss changes and alternative approaches before you submit, then the team at Melrose International are more than happy to provide our feedback.

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