Grant Profile

Our aim is to support you develop a strong and successful approach to the grant landscape
Grants are a method for a government to enact their policy within a specific industry or activities and tend to fund special projects, not overall core functions or day to day operations of a business.
Government has a need to stimulate activity throughout the national economy and seeks to achieve this outcome by encouraging business to invest in their own business and its growth.
Therefore, it is important to approach your grant funding needs in terms of a specific project and consider how your success may have a positive impact and flow on effect into the community and eco systems of other Australian businesses.

What is a Grant Profile?

A Grant Profile provides you with information pertaining to the available grants relevant to your specific project. It can also provide a sub-set list of grants and programs, that only through our experience, will uncover alternative funding for possible off shoot offerings from your original focus. Information contained in your report is a snapshot in real time of State, Local and Federal funding opportunities.

Why is a Grant Profile Report useful?

It is estimated that less than 35% of Australian businesses apply for grants leaving 65% missing out on monies that could assist them grow their business. Most business leaders are unaware of the full range of government grants and programs that may be available to them. Majority of companies do not know when funding rounds open and close throughout the year resulting in missed opportunities for them but giving the edge to their competitors that are actively seeking funding opportunities.

How does a Grant Profile work?

Based on your answers to a series of questions in an initial meeting, we undertake a comprehensive search via business industry and business activity to find current and pending grants and programs. We then take that vast information and provide a tailored report that is relevant and unique to your requirements and specific project for either your current and/or future growth. Eligibility criteria and eligibility activity will be listed with each grant, along with administration details for you to take the information provided to apply the next steps in the grant application process.

Once a Grant Profile has been conducted and your tailored report provided digitally, this stage of our service is complete, but it is highly recommended that you digest the report sooner rather than later as the grant landscape changes very quickly. What we uncover and present to you now may not be available 3-6-12 months down the track.

Melrose International offers additional services to follow on from your Grant Profile should you choose to make the most of the document and move forward to the next stage of your grant journey. You may wish to consider a Grant Strategy; our Grant Writing services or Government Engagement.

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